Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 4

What exactly does fake and unnecessary praising lead to?

Have you heard of penta kuppa (not sure what it is called in English)? It is a waste pile consists of waste from animals, human excreta, and miscellaneous trash. As you keep throwing waste on it, the pile grows, manure forms, and weeds start to grow, right? Hyderabadis are well aware of these penta kuppas! 

What happens when you dig into one using a stick? An extremely intolerable odor gets released, correct? Everyone living on that street would run away simply because the smell is horrendous. As long as you do not touch it, you are fine. You can even start a panipuri business right next to it. However, the moment you touch it, you are done for.  Same goes for drainages. As long as you let them flow naturally, it is fine. But, if you try to clean it by putting a stick into it, a bad odor gets released. Regardless of the cleaning materials you use to clean it, the odor will still be there. As long as you do not disturb its natural flow, it will flow without disturbing you and those around you. 

By unnecessarily praising (even if positive) these rich people, the world who till then either has been unaware of or forgetting his past will come to know or remember and inevitably will start criticizing/humiliating these so called rich people. It will just be like digging a penta kappa! 

The question here is how did Sri Nammalwar came to know about this without ever leaving his tamarind tree? Shocking, isn’t it?!

There is a story that Nammalwar told us in his songs how fake praising of rich people for money gets us nowhere:

Say, there was a poet who was trying to earn some money in one way or another. So he goes to a rich person and eagerly requests him/her to let him write a great poem about him/her. What do you think that rich person said? Yes, of course! Who would deny a offer/service such as that? The rich person said yes and even promised the poet that he would pay him greatly if he were to write about him. The poet was elated that the rich person accepted his offer and already started dreaming what he would do when he gets the money promised by the rich person. He went on to his home and immediately hired four or so “hype men” to get his creative juices flowing whenever he needs while composing the poem. I am sure that you are all aware of how poets needs people to say “wah wah” to his lines and to repeat them after him. Note that he spent his own money to get these hype fellas, paper, pens, and such. He also too care of their needs such as food, clothes, and such. All of this with his own money. He never once thought about how much he was spending for he believed without a doubt that whatever he was spending was nothing compared to the amount he would receive eventually in exchange for the poem that he was about to write. He truly believed that he will be amply compensated by the rich person. 

A month or so had passed since he began the task of composing that poem. He finished it eventually. Everyone was happy with the result. He was happy himself for he was excited to recite the poem in front of his rich client, who had promised a great amount of money in exchange. He carefully put his poem in a cloth and on a planquin and started his journey to the big city in which his client lives. Just as he entered the street that his client lives on, he sees a dead man on a stretcher being carried by four people. The poet inquired the people who they were carrying and they disclosed the information at which point our poet broke down and started crying very loudly for the dead man was no other than his rich client. After all the work that he had done to obtain money from the rich person in exchange for the poem, the client was dead. The poem, the poet’s efforts, and the money that the poet spent for the poem were now useless. His dream were shattered. All the time and the money that he put into the making of the poem were a waste. Who will give him back his time and his money? No one. He was devastated! He became a beggar for he did not have anything to call his own for he spent everything that he had for the sake of writing a great poem that would please the rich person, who guaranteed him that he would pay him a great amount of money. 

This is exactly what happens if you unnecessarily praise rich people for the sake of earning money!

Namma:lwa:r further said that we should not contaminate our tongue and our talent by praising others insincerely simply for the sake of earning money. 

To be continued…



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