Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 3

You might be aware of a common thing that happens with rich people most of the times. That is, people of lower financial status (sometimes equal and higher) surround these rich people in the hopes of acquiring money from them in one way or another. They laud  them as great people of the society even though they have not done anything for their community. Of course, some generous people do but not all of them. Here, I am referring to those who do not do anything for their community but merely live and spend for themselves. Their needs come first.

As I said, you often see these rich people always followed by a group of people, whose primary duty is to drown the former in fake praises. Those who have a little knowledge or so (especially those who could speak and write a little) speak and write positively about the rich. More often than not, their speeches and/or writings involve false information as well in order to gather money from them. Of course, they start out with the truth but quickly run of facts and depend on stating false but positive information about them in order to secure their reputation and the money they could possible earn from giving these speeches or selling their articles.

Namma:lwa:r knew all this and said in one of his songs, “I know that you guys won’t like me to say this yet I cannot not stop myself from telling you for I cannot see you guys treading a incorrect and dangerous path. Why spoil your mouth and knowledge by unnecessarily praising others? You would only end up destroying both yours and their lives in addition o disrespecting yourselves and them.”

According to our Namma:lwa:r, it is a waste of time to go after people by praising them unnecessarily just to obtain money. Who knows who these people were before they obtained reputation and high status in society? They could have been beggars, thieves, and so on. By following them and lauding them, you might reveal their past, which could end up destroying the life that they are leading now, which might be of good intentions. Say this new rich person is doing good for the sake of society but used to be a bad person in the past, you start following them simply for the sake of earning money for yourself, you might intentionally or unintentionally uncover their past. The consequences that might follow is that despite the rich person’s good intentions, people will stop respecting him and humiliate him for his past, this rich person might get discouraged at doing correct things and fall back on his previous way of living.

Why be the instigator of all that? Let them live their lives as they please and let us live ours. 

To be continued…


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