Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 2

Yet, he came to know everything that was going on in the world such as the way of life that people were leading and so on. Like I said, EVERY SINGLE THING, even the reasoning of the people.

I bet that we would not know everything even if we were paid to travel around the world! I mean, we do not even know what is going around us most of the time, let alone trying to understand the emotions, changes, feelings, and thoughts within us. We simply do not pay attention to anything or anyone! How can we expect to know the goings on in the world when we do not pay attention to ourselves? We have become blind to our own thoughts, feelings, and so on, let alone others.

All this might come out as a shock to you. To be honest, I was amazed by Nammalwar’s ability to know everything all the while never once leaving that tamarind tree. However, when you compare this to the fact that he used to interact with God in his thoughts and might, then it might not seem as such a big deal. Thus, when compared to the fact that he interacted with Him, his knowledge of the world seems nothing.

His songs contained things that people should and should not do, the proper behavior expected of people. All these were recorded by our humble Madhurakavi A:lwa:r. Of these lessons, there was one regarding unnecessary and inappropriate praising of others in exchange of money.

To be continued…


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