Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 1

Sri: Namma:lwar was born a little more than 5000 years ago. It was the 42nd day after the current Kali Yuga had started. He was born in Tirunagari near Ta:mara ParNi Teeram in Pa:ndya De:sam.

Birth Star – Visa:kha

Ra:si – Vrishabha

He was an unusual boy for he did not do any of the things that you would expect from a normal child. He neither drank his mother’s milk nor cry when born. The only sign of life in him was his breathing. Due to his unusual behavior, his parent had no use of him and so left him under a tamarind tree.

He was not attached to any living (or nonliving) beings in this world. He was in constant touch with God. Without any interruptions, he maintained conversations with God at levels that no one ever has done so till now. He was unaware of his surroundings as he meditated upon God. For 16 years, he stayed a parama yogi till Madhurakavi A:lwa:r came along.

Madhurakavi Alwar followed a light in the sky that eventually led him to our Namma:lwa:r. He woke him up from his meditation.

Whenever Namma:lwa:r came into consciousness, he would start singing songs that contained many truths of human psychology and lessons that one could use to improve themselves. It is important to mention that he did not sing as if to please others or to have others learn him. He was merely thinking/singing aloud his experiences both with God and the world. Due to the profound truths that were being conveyed in the songs of Namma:lwa:r, Madhurakavi A:lwar thought that these songs contain a lot of very useful information for the betterment and wellbeing of the people living on this Earth and so he started to record them.

In this way, Namma:lwa:r came in and out of consciousness. He used to come to consciousness at unexpected times (in addition to varying durations). Despite the unpredictability of times that Namma:lwa:r would come consciousness, Madhurakavi A:lwa:r stayed by his side and recorded Namma:lwa:r’s songs.

It is important to mention here that Namma:lwa:r never once left the tamarind tree. Never! Nope, not even once.

To be continued…


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