Chant The Name Of God

Call Him

Tell Him

Ask Him

Scold Him

Explain HIM

Please Him

Request Him

Beg Him

Do whatever you are doing but the thing you should chant his name

Believe  God is in you

offer some  food to him whenever you eat  something ask him to taste it when you do this you’ll feel more taste in it’s just show the taste of Rama nama to your tastebuds. Take bath with his name each bath make you more purified. So,do chant while bathing

No times are set, No rites are needful for chanting of Rama nama

Weave the Rama nama on the loom of your mind. To make garment  or  dress when Ramar come to you. Imagine each thought in your mind  is threads, if so there will be thousands of threads in your mind each thread should link with Rama nama. weave your beautiful dress with chanting of Rama nama in your mind. Sun and moon are watching you they are witness for your weaving, they can hear while you count the names of Rama.

To clean and soften the threads  which are in your mind and to comb the twists and knots of my thoughts.

If you want to know the power of the name of Rama spend your time with lovers of Rama  

Suppose if u want to watch a movie you can enjoy with only movie lovers, if u want to go for some rides u have to choose who are interested in rides same as the lovers of Rama can make u to know the better taste of his name.

To Repeat the name  constantly may be hard and bitter at first but don’t  stop until it becomes sweet.

When time comes everything may shed your body, relations, money etc. By the time the name of rama will take you safely through death door. So, keep saying RAMA,RAMA in your mind, Rama will take care of you

you are not that expert to solve  the problems around you, but believe in Rama just chant his name as much  as you can.






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