Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 4

What exactly does fake and unnecessary praising lead to? Have you heard of penta kuppa (not sure what it is called in English)? It is a waste pile consists of waste from animals, human excreta, and miscellaneous trash. As you keep throwing waste on it, the pile grows, manure forms, and weeds start to grow, … Continue reading Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 4


Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 3

You might be aware of a common thing that happens with rich people most of the times. That is, people of lower financial status (sometimes equal and higher) surround these rich people in the hopes of acquiring money from them in one way or another. They laud  them as great people of the society even … Continue reading Sri: Namma:lwa:r’s Vaibhavam Part 3

The garland of Ra:ma:yana

Sri:mathe Ra:ma:nuja:ya Namaha! From Jan 2016 (English) edition  Though indignant, Lakshmana is always a servant of Ra:ma.  Dasaratha orders Ra:ma:'s exile. Ra:ma is ready to comply. Unable to accept this, Lakshmana becomes furious and speaks the words of indignation for he could not tolerate the unfair treatment that Ra:ma is being put up with. Unable … Continue reading The garland of Ra:ma:yana